Sunflower Seed harvesting time

Today we went out to the sunflower seed fields to see how harvesting is performed. We saw a lot of harvesters on fields and some already harvested fields, including not ready yet plants. Next week - 36 we expect even massive harvesting

  • Bakery Sunflower Kernles

Bakery Grade Crop 2015 available

Bulgarian Commodities Ltd start exportg new crop bakery kernels, first loading and deliveries are shcedulled for week 36. Please contact for more details and availabilities.

Southeast sunflower fields

Today 24.08.2015 we were traveling to Southeast of Bulgaria. This kind of explain crop 2015 volume decreasing to 1.7 mill. tons instead of 2.2 mill. tons in 2014. Of course not all plants were looking like pictures 1-4, but average is completely different from what we have seen in Cetralnorth. Crop harvesting was stopped by [...]

Sunflower crop update 09.08.2015

Depend on hybrid and time of plant, sunflower fields are getting ready for harvesting. This week weather will be also hot and dry temperatures by end of the week will reach 36 C all over Bulgaria.