We are open to serve buyers who are looking for high quality products with Bulgarian Origin. Our mission is not just to help buyers our mission is to help every local producer and exporter to find the right market and extend their sales worldwide. Finding new products and markets is our main goal.

Bulgarian Commodities Ltd. working only with experienced partners, which guarantee best results. Our knowledge allow us to help you with all support you need for success from very first interview, negotiations, packaging and labeling demands, through logistics and all other necessary details for the safety delivering or receiving of the products to the end point. We can deliver equally well whether it be by road, water and rail or combined. Our logistic team will explain all benefits or negatives of each way thus you have the opportunity to choose the best option for the moment.

Trust – this is the motto of Bulgarian Commodities Ltd. We strongly believe that the trust between client – supplier and vice versa is crucial for the successful business. We build not just business partnership with our clients we are building friendships between all parties involved in process.

Bulgarian Commodities Ltd, working with partners from North America, UK, West and East Europe.