Project Description

Hulled Sunflower Kernels – Bakery

Bulgarian Commodities Ltd. provides consistently high quality Sunflower seeds in all its varieties, namely Hulled Sunflower Kernels – Bakery, Confection, High oleic or Chips grade. Wide range of varieties and types of Hulled Sunflower Kernels will combine all your needs for this product in one place.
Bakery kernels are one of the most valuable ingredient in bakery industry .Supplied by us Hulled Sunflower Kernels are ready for use. Our clients are able to start using it directly in their end products. Sunflower seeds are good source of protein, fibers, vitamins, healthy fatty acids such a specific ones like linoleic acid, amino acid and more.

Origin Bulgaria
Quality Bakery
Color Grey to white
Flavor Typical, fresh, not bitter
Size 600 +/- 50 kernels / OZ
Physical parameters  
Purity 99.95 % – 99.99% min.
Chips less than ½ kernel 5 % – 8 % max.
Impurities 0.01 % – 0.05 %
Moisture 8 % max.
Unhulled kernels / stick tites 0.1 % – 0.5 % max.
X – ray scanned Yes, free form glass, stones and metal
Kernels with untypical color 2 % max.