Project Description

Refined sunflower oil

The oil is a product useful primarily for the essential fatty acids, to which it supplies the human body. Unsaturated fatty acids metabolized in the body in various ways to yield derivatives that are important for the normal course of vital functions. They participate in the regulation of vascular tone and the tone of smooth muscle organs in fertility and reproductive function in the birth act in the process of blood coagulation.

Appearance(>4o °C): Clear, transparent
Flavor and Odor without strange smell, bland
Colour (5¼ Lovibond) max 7.5 Y/0.9 R (red yellowish)
Moisture and Volatile max. 0.05 %
Acidity   max. 0,10%
Peroxide Value max. 1 meq O2/kg
Iodine value min. 110/ max. 143
Soaps level 5 ppm
Impurities 0%
Cold test at 0 °C max. 5.5 hrs neg.
Phosphorous max. 5 ppm
GMO-Confirmation The above product is not genetically modified, derived from non -genetically organisms and need not marked as clearly defined by EU directives 1829/2003 and 1830/2003 on traceability and labeling of Genetically modified food and feed. 
Classification Edible Oil; Refined, Bleached, Deodorized, Winterized 100% Sunflower Oil.
Allergens  The above product contains no allergy-causing substance according to the Regulation 1169/2011
Other: All parameters not mentioned as well as environmental contamination are in according the EU laws and regulations 1881/2006, 1259/2011, 835/2011. Refined and customs cleared within the EU, fit for human consumption.